The New iPad & iPad 2

After the start of "new iPad" in Hong Kong, I can not wait to have a use of the "New iPad", at the same time, having a compare between iPad 2 and "The new iPad".

As for new iPad, the professional, dealer, and some of the apple funs issued a negative assessment. This is same as the situation when start the iPad 2 and 4s. Recall the beginning of the 4S release, the sound of disappointment to break out. But the Global hot scene and constant innovation is high enough to justify the market approval for it. Therefore, there is reason to believe that "The new iPad" will be hot sell. In fact, Apple's digital products are no longer the traditional sense of the 3C products, but fashionable consumer goods. Perhaps it just likes fashionable dress and consumer goods, people will always be immediately put on after the season. Regardless of whether people agree with this change initial, Tide is trend, people always can't help in this popular.

Some people think "The new iPad" is indeed better than the iPad 2. New iPad is thicker than iPad 2, but for entertainment using, the thicker one will be make you fell better.

iPad 2 "The new iPad" upgrade, the upgrade is very similar to the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S. The screen becomes clearer, more delicate; speed becomes faster and smoother; camera becomes clearer, more brilliant. Retina display supplies 4 times of pixels compared with iPad 2, clear text, richer colors, regardless of looking and feeling are extremely vivid and delicate. Equipped with quad-core graphics processor A5X chip, is capable of controlling four times of pixels of the iPad 2. And maintain the iPad stable and smooth at the same time.

Five million pixel insight camera, you can shoot brilliant pictures and 1080p HD high-definition video, download iPhoto, iMovie. Then you will be able to directly modified pictures and create a video on "The new iPad".

For Mac fun, "The new iPad" is still very attractive, not only worth having, but can't to wait. Recently, Apple products are constantly updated. If the update is too slow, apple fun will not have patience to wait. But when the update is too fast, apple fun will have more economic pressure. Whether the Apply Company can launch new and old change plan, this will not only reduce the pressure of apply fun, increase sales, and also be helpful for environmental protection.

At last, we hope Apple Company can promote global green environmental protection, when continuously improve people's quality of life.

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